Village clean up – Sat 12th May 2018

We need your help again!!

The Community team are planning another ‘Tidy Up’ weekend Saturday May 12th 2018 to perform the tasks listed below. If you cannot make this date then an hour or two of your time during the next few weeks would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what task/s you are willing to undertake. We can then discuss what; where; when you would like to help.

  • Paint; wax etc. have been bought just call Christine: 843865 or e.mail and they will be delivered to you.
  • Painting: Benches; Bus Stops; Village Pump
  • Grass Cutting/strimming: Various areas
  • Cutting back: Trees; shrubs; brambles
  • Edging of Pathways & cutting back footpaths
  • Washing: Road signs; footpath signs; road markers
  • Litter Picking throughout the Village

Thank you for your support in 2017

We have had several comments about the daffodils at the entrance to the Village which have been a glow of sunshine to the awful weather that we have been experiencing. Thanks to all that helped plant the hundreds of bulbs that welcomed Spring and should continue to do so for years to come.

The entrance gates at the traffic calming have proved successful and thank you to those involved in the making of the gates at no cost to the Village.

Thank you to those of you that have mowed grass verges; cut back brambles; pruned bushes; litter picked; emptied waste bins; renovated the duck house in the Pond; made the red bus stop seat; painted the bus stops and generally worked to make the Village look great.

Let us keep it that way by giving it a start for Spring with a blitz tidy up on Saturday 12th May.

Christine Paynter 843865 / e.mail

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