Mobile SID Data

Pidley cum Fenton have the use of a mobile SID, which is designed to slow traffic down, by flashing the current speed of the vehicle when it is travelling above the national speed limit.

The graphs below show the number of vehicles passing through the SID each day and the % travelling above the national speed limit, which for these locations is 30mph.  The line across the top of the graph shows the % of all vehicles travelling through the SID on that day above the national speed limit.

The parish council will be moving the SID on a frequent basis to see where the bad spots for speeding are within the village.  They will then capture data without the SID flashing to be able to identify if this method of traffic calming works.

If anyone feels there is an area within the village which hasn’t yet been captured then please notify the clerk, who will ask for the SID to be moved to this location in due course.

See results below for:

High Street, Pidley 


Oldhurst Road, Pidley



Warboys Road, Pidley


Fen Road, Pidley