Views sought on County Council business planning

Cambridgeshire County Council is gathering views about local communities, council services and proposed changes to council tax. The views of parish councils and parish councillors matter. Sharing your views will help us better understand what is important to your community and what we should take into consideration when setting council tax rates.

To support this initiative, please respond to the County Council’s online survey, which will be available until the end of January 2019. 

Click here to complete the survey –

Why are we asking for your views?

As the fastest growing county in the UK, demand for council services is growing and we are having to continually adapt what we do. 

More people need improved roads and public transport services, new schools (or increased places in them), opportunities for lifelong learning; increasing amounts of waste needs to be dealt with, more need to register births or deaths or get married; more children need help to stay safe or live fulfilling lives, and as people age they need support to remain independent and have the support they need.

As a Council, we continually look to transform what we do and be innovative to meet this growing demand. We also want to support places in most need and improve people’s lives; making sure people get the services they need as close to home as possible. What we do know is that government funding for councils is reducing and Cambridgeshire doesn’t get a fair funding deal from Government – this is the message we are giving the county’s MPs so they can take our concerns to Government through our FairDeal4Cambridgeshire campaign.

For enquiries, please email Cambridgeshire County Council’s Research Group –

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Drag Lane

Hi All,

I just wanted to give you an update on Drag Lane following on from the council meeting this week . I reported the raw sewage and had a call back to be told that they had already visited the area following a few separate calls. They are looking into the matter and are trying to rectify this once the source has been located. I will update you once i have anymore information.


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PIDLEY CAR FEST – Sunday 2nd June 2019 – TOMORROW!!!

Set up from 11am for motor vehicles in the Pidley Social Club field.

Pulled Pork and Bar.

All proceeds going to the Pidley Mountain Rescue Team

Cake donations welcomed

Social club will be open for drinks, remember they take cash only!

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