Stay Well this Winter Campaign 2020/21

With COVID-19 in circulation this year, many of our most vulnerable groups area at greater risk of severe illness from COVID-19, cold temperatures and winter conditions.

A number of important risk factors are shared across cold weather and COVID-19, which may amplify an individual’s risk. Clinical risk factors that have been linked with severe illness from COVID-19 that are also risks for cold-related harms include: older age, with risk increasing with age, pre-existing medical conditions, diabetes and pregnancy.

Factors that impact on people’s ability to adapt to cold temperatures may also impact their ability to reduce exposure to COVID-19, such groups with increased risk include:

: people living in deprivation

: people with cognitive impairment, mental health conditions or learning difficulties

:people who are living in cold homes and/or are experiencing fuel poverty

During the COVID-19 pandemic, increased numbers of people are spending more time at home than usual,, which can lead to a higher demand for energy and an increase in associated costs of heating bills. This winter, new groups of people and households will be drawn into fuel poverty and be unaware of the funds and resources available to help with keeping warm.

Your local Public Health Team has been working in partnership with different organisations to assemble and fund a Stay Well this Winter Pack. This pack contains a wealth of information for vital support, access to free resources and financial aid, and key contacts to help our most vulnerable stay warm, well and safe this winter.

Please contact the parish clerk for a leaflet – 07907 339 077 or email

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